Prayer of Thanksgiving and Appreciation

       On behalf of The Lamb Shall Lead International Missionary Community (Association of Christ’s Faithful), we would like to thank the Mission Cooperative Offices, the Society of the Propagation of the Faith and Parishes for your generous assistance to our mission.

Our Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Parish of:

St. Louis
in the Diocese of Beaumont, TX

St. Anthony of Padua
In the Diocese of Victoria, TX
Cathedral of Holy Trinity
St. George
St. Ann
St. Catherine
In the Diocese of New Ulm, MN

St. Jude
Our Lady of Lourdes
Blessed Trinity
In the Diocese of Orlando, FL

St. John the Baptist
St. Matthias
St. Mary
St. Charles Borromeo
In the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis

St. Mary, Rochester & St. Peter, Farmington
St. Luke the Evangelist Parish
In the Diocese of Manchester

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sacred Heart
In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Holy Trinity & Holy Rosary
In the Archdiocese of Louisville


Epiphany Church
St. Hedwig
In the Diocese of Trenton, NJ

From the Mission Appeal 2022 Team

Rev. Cesar Echegaray, JCL, Mission Director
Blesilda Cayongcat, Assistant Mission Director
Rev.  Freddie Decal, Mission Speaker
Rev.  Michael Semana, Mission Speaker
Rev. Jevic Pendon, Mission Speaker
Norma Blanchard, Assistant Coordinator-U.S
Carolyn Sobert, Assistant Coordinator-U.S
Rev. Alex Lazarra, Mission Coordinator-U.S

Most. Rev. Jose Corazon Tala-oc, Episcopal Moderator



On the odor of the sheep:

        “This I ask you: be shepherds, with the “odor of the sheep”, make it real, as shepherds among your flock, fishers of men.”  National Catholic Reporter, March 28, 2013

On the being disciples of the Lamb: in his talk about the migrants, January 23, 2014

     ”What does it mean for the Church, for us today, to be disciples of Jesus the Lamb of God? Francis asked at St. Peter’s Square. It means replacing malice with innocence, force with love, pride with humility, prestige with service. We Christians have to do a good job. Being disciples of The Lamb means not living as if we were a “besieged citadel,” but as a city set on mountain, open, welcoming and supportive. It means not assume an attitude of closure, but bringing the Gospel to all, bearing witness with our lives that following Jesus makes us freer and more joyful, Francis explained.

The word “lamb” comes up a number of times in the New Testament and always in reference to Jesus.

          This image of The Lamb, Pope Francis said, might surprise; an animal not known for its strength and robustness takes upon its shoulders an oppressive burden. The enormous mass of evil is removed and taken away by a weak and fragile creature that is a symbol of obedience, docility and helpless love, which arrives at a self-sacrifice. The Lamb is not a dominator, but docile; it is not aggressive but peaceful; it does not bear its claws or teeth in the face of attack but puts up with it and is submissive.”

On Mediators or intermediaries: Morning meditation in the chapel of the  Domus Sanctae Marthae Friday, 9 December 2016 (by

... there is a “difference between a mediator and an intermediary”. Indeed, “an intermediary does his work and takes his pay: you want to sell this house, you want to buy a house, I will be the intermediary and take a percentage; it is fair, it was my job”. Thus, “the intermediary takes this path: he will never be lost”.


“The mediator, on the other hand” — Francis explained — “forfeits himself in order to unite the parties, giving his life, himself, that is the price: his actual life, he pays with his life, his weariness, his work, many things”.  Because “the logic of Jesus as mediator is the logic of humbling oneself”. In fact, Saint Paul, “in the Letter to the Philippians, is clear about this: ‘he humbled himself, emptied himself’ in order to make this union, unto death”, and to “death on the cross”.


Instead, the intermediary, the Pope mentioned “is this functionary: he does his job, he does things more or less well, and then finishes that job and takes another, another, and another, but always as a functionary”. The intermediary “does not know what it means to get his hands dirty; the mediator lives by getting dirty because he is in the middle, there, in reality, like Jesus: tarnished by our sins”.


            “Jesus is a shepherd, because He is a Lamb.”


              “Characterized the faithful as “lambs” who face great threats of secularization… “Maybe the lambs in the world are just waiting to come out. Change the world, and let it become a lamb.” He urged the faithful to manifest the tame and vulnerable characteristics of lambs, leading others to their rightful transformation in the pursuit of their mission. How ironic it is for someone to be sent by the Lamb of God but the one who sent looks like a wolf. The Lamb sends lambs…” (Oct 19, 2013, PCNE)

BISHOP OSCAR SOLIS (Episcopal Moderator, Lamb U.S)

        “The Lamb fits beautifully into the Year of faith. Faith—precisely because it is a free act, also demands social responsibility for what one believes… It is lived as an experience of love received and communicated… makes us fruitful… expands our hearts in hope and enables us to bear life-giving witness.” U.S Intl Conference, Nov 17, 2012

BISHOP JOSE CORAZON TALA-OC (Episcopal Moderator, Lamb Philippines)

 “When we behold The Lamb as our life in the Church, The Lamb’s lifestyle is one of humility, patience, gentleness… An incarnation spirituality that stresses the value of ourselves, others, and things. When the Eucharist is understood in terms of oneness in the Mystical Body, Christ becomes a dynamic force in reshaping the institutions of society.” U.S Intl Conference, Nov 17, 2012


              “I want to invite you to make The Lamb an active part of your life. God wants us to live our lives in harmony with him in order to make a significant difference in the world. We will participate in a divine plan. If The Lamb is leading us, we are on a journey; a journey into the reality of God. July 22, 2013, Homecoming, Alabama.


The Lamb shall Lead community and its project in Brgy. Balogo bring hope to the poor families. The children are inspired to study and parents determined to work hard.



“Jesus was first a Lamb, before He became a Shepherd.”

Inspirations and Quotes 

UPDATE: Formation of Association Members


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Youth Retreat
Youth Retreat

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UPDATE: The Corderina, Disciples of The Lamb

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The Corderina of The Lamb
Community Residents
Renewal of Covenant Consecration


   Savings and Missionary Cooperative Members    

Balogo Daycare_2nd pix.png

     Lamb Daycare Center Pupils     

Lamb National Homecoming.JPG

      Lamb National Homecoming - Manila      


The family of The Lamb Shall Lead International Inc. engages in integral development of the poor for them to become evangelizers of their fellow poor. 


The Lamb Shall Lead International Center Main Building will provide facility for operation and activities of the Lamb Communities. This building, which is currently being constructed, is located in Brgy. Balogo, Calatrava, Romblon Province, Philipppines.



Rev. Michael B. Semana

Dear Friends,



I would like to introduce you to our Lamb communities and the poor helping the poor projects, and the Lamb Shall Lead International Center we are constructing in the Philippines. We hope and pray that this main building will be completed in the year 2024. This center hopes to be an inspiration to the poor helping other poor, the lonely, the broken hearted, through our works of evangelization, retreat, healing and training for socio-economic and integral human development.

I would like to express my gratitude, on behalf of the least of Jesus brethren we serve, for your continued support. God’s blessings, His warmth and healing abound. We remember that the pierced and wounded side of Jesus on the cross, pouring out water and blood, was life-giving. The poor in spirit are resilient, theirs is the kingdom, the people who seek the Lord are hopeful and those who are mourning amidst tragedies we experience today are comforted. The promise of the Lord still stands and we are looking forward to a better future for God’s children.



Rev. Michael B. Semana

Chairman, The Lamb Shall Lead International

President, Ecce Agnus Jesus, Inc.

Replicating and Sustaining the

Poor Helping the Poor Lamb Communities and Projects

The Poor Helping the Poor Lamb Communities are involved in integral formation and empowerment of the poor which we summed up into: (1) Evangelization and Discipleship Formation or Multiplication of Disciples and (2) Multiplication of Loaves - which covers all socio-economic programs or Provision Opportunity Life Enrichment (POLE). In Brgy. Balogo, Calatrava, Romblon,  where the TLSLIC Center is currently being built; the following are among the completed and continuing projects learned from our successes and failures. These projects are all supported by TLSI's sister-corporations. We are planning to share this experience with other regions in the country.

1. Multiplication of Disciples - Evangelization and Discipleship Formation
























2. Multiplication of Loaves - Projects and Trainings































































































2.1 Aquaponics and Organic Farming


2.2 Savings Mobilization for Life Enrichment (SMILE) Program

Financial Literacy Training.png
New Picture (34).png
DSC09625 copy.jpg

2.3 Skills Trainings and Developing Leadership Capacities

Meat Processing.png
Missionary Coop Seminar.png

2.4 Cultivating Small Scale Marketing and Livelihood Activities

New Picture (1).png
New Picture (2).png

2.5 Community Day Care Center Management


Construction of and Mentoring on the Proper Management of an Aquaponics System with Members of the Lamb Community

Youth Savings Group

Financial Literacy Training and Adult Savings Groups

Learning Coco Coir

Missionary Cooperative National Leadership Conference

Meat Processing

Hog Raising

Feeds Retail Store

Grocery Store

Savings Passbook

New Picture (1).png
New Picture (3).png
New Picture.png

2.6 Housing Development




Lamb Care and Share Prayer Gathering


Lamb Youth Retreat Formation and Recollection


Vocation to Holiness Seminars (which were attended by the Youth)

New Picture (17).png
New Picture (18).png

Marriage  Enrichment

TESDA Training Graduation Photo.png
Masonry pix.png

Carpentry and Masonry, in partnership with the Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA),

involving modular lectures, hands-on training and assessment, and graduation of successful trainees.

Housing development started and established in the year 2015 funded by Fundepaz New York with Fr. Fernando Echeverri and housing sponsors.

Nearby chapels and parishes of Calatrava, Romblon also benefited from various programs and projects of TLSLI and it’s sister-corporations, such as:

  1. Healing (Spiritual, Medical, Optical, Dental) Missions in the parishes of San Agustin and Odiongan

  2. Vocation to Holiness Seminar in San Agustin and Lo-oc

  3. Spiritual Formation of Youths in Pangulo, Calatrava

The long term vision is that all these programs will be sustainable, which means they are being replicated by the communities who were once recipients of these programs. Through this, what we wish to accomplish is for the cycle of generosity to be cultivated and practiced throughout generations. 

This calls us to learn from our experience of project implementation which is a mixture of challenges, failures, and good practices. 

The Lamb Shall Lead International Center - Purpose and Mission 


This under construction building shall serve the ministry of the Lamb. Please help us.

Sponsors Needed to Finish the Building Construction

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TLSLI Center covers the whole area of operation and activities of our Lamb communities, apostolates of healing, training and spiritual formation for its Lamb members and as a facility for retreats, seminars and workshops for the missionary work of the Church. It is a learning center - as instructed by Jesus, The Lamb – “learn from me”, and by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of The Lamb, pointing her Son to us, reminding: “Do whatever he tells you!" 

The Center also serves as a residence for our missioners, sisters, priests and brothers who are devoting full or part-time service for the Lamb ministries. It is to be an oasis, a quiet place for adoration, solitude and a sign of the presence of The Lamb.

Why the Center?


The venue is located in a rural setting on an island among neighboring islets. Its presence as a sign of The Lamb, Jesus, reflects the distinct spirit, character, nature and emphasis of missionary work, standing in the gap among the people of God who have issues of out-migration, underdevelopment and neglect, looking for greener pastures in the cities, and are wanting to connect, spiritually and physically, aspiring to be larger for what they can become and, on the other hand, capable of withstanding insecurities of life amidst vulnerabilities (lack of food and instability of electric power supply, undernourishment, diseases, health facilities, storms and natural disasters), but with its unique God-given beauty, giftedness, talents, resources and capacities, having great potential to contribute for integral human development of society and in the evangelizing work of the Church. As the Plenary Council puts it: “that they, the poor, become evangelizers ….and that we can rely on them in the work of evangelization (PCPII)” in the work of transforming the world and making it a lamb. 


As lamb evangelizers, with great fervor, they shall lead to support the Church and from the Church derive its Eucharistic zeal, the spirit of The Lamb, offering lives as a sacrifice of praise, bridging the gap, interconnecting the chain of self-sacrificing love, mending the breach caused by sin, reconciling divisions, healing brokenness… interceding through prayer and actions, for integral human and socio-economic development. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, they are sent and given to the locality by THE LAMB, Jesus, through His body… living His mandate: I send you like lambs … proclaiming peace to every household, healing diseases, driving out demons … and by being drawn to The Lamb when lifted up, they witness the Father’s providence and mercy, His provisions, tender loving care - assuring us of His covenant of love and fidelity: “I am your God, You are my people, I am yours, you are mine;” I Am With You, Always!

The Center as Response to the Signs of the Times


After years of missionary work, the Center is a gift of discernment ​of the missionary work of the Lamb, which has four (4) areas of response to the signs of times:
















Balogo Daycare_2nd pix.png
New Picture (22).png
New Picture (21).png
New Picture (20).png
New Picture (23).png

Lamb Adult Formation

Lamb Youth Catechetical Education

Healing Mission

Lamb Youth Theatrical Arts Workshop

(1) Malnutrition to Community Day Care Center Establishment

(2) Illiteracy or Lack of Education Opportunities to Education Support

(3) Poverty to Economic Advancement 

(Savings Mobilization and Enterprise Development)

(4) From Nominal Religious Practice to Faith Development

How can you help? Please contact us.

Come and help the Missionary Work of the Lamb!

HEALING MISSION: Medicines, Health Personnel Needed

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If you want to make an online donation, please visit

Be our special guest. Come and visit us!

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New Picture (26).png
New Picture (25).png
New Picture (27).png

Fr. Joe Brando from Knoxville, TN lead the community formation.

Fr. Henry Reid from Rockville Center, New York established an aquaponics system and trained the community about its use and maintenance in July 2016.

Ms. Celynia Polintan from Colorado and Ms Darylla Flores from California with Marites Aquino visited the Center on February 2017.

New Picture (28).png

Ms. Alicia Bradshaw from Chattanooga TN conducted Theology of the Body teachings in March 2017.

New Picture (29).png

The TLSLI Center Prayer of Thanksgiving in July 2017 was presided by Most Rev. Enrique V. Macaraeg, D.D., priests from other dioceses / religious congregations, Medical Mission Team Local and International Isaiah 58: Dra. Esperanza Rowell & Theresa Reddick from Tennessee

New Picture (30).png

Fr. Moses Gorremuchi from India immersed with our Lamb Communities from August until September 2018.

New Picture (31).png

Mr. & Mrs Richard & Norma Catherine Olson from Montanna, visited from December 2017 until January 2018 and witnessed the TLSLI Anniversary celebration and the Lamb Theatrical Arts Club Presentation of Lamb youth members.

New Picture (32).png

Ms. Ly Neang and Ms. Ban Sopha from Cambodia, had an immersion in April 2018 on the socio-economic and Lamb formation activities at the Center, together with the Management of Vincentian Family Multi-purpose Cooperative.

New Picture (33).png

Drs. Rolando & Annabelle Go with Mr. Henry & Dra. Carolina Dy with Sem. Piotr Klewek in February 2019 visited the Lamb Day Center, did Lamb Community Immersion and POLE observation.

New Picture (34).png

Fr. Wilfredo Decal's visit in June  2019 is aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Lamb Mission in the Philippines. He was exposed to the TLSLI Day Care, POLE programs, and Spiritual Formation, and presided a Eucharistic Celebration with the community.

New Picture (35).png

Fr. Michael Yogo from Africa and Mrs. Josephine Stoll from the US experienced the community life of the people in the Balogo, Calatrava, Romblon, during their immersion from February until March 2020. They came to know the Lamb community and all their programs towards intergral human formation and development. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 2.24.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 9.59.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 2.24.04 PM.png

Mrs. Sandra Leffew from Chattanooga, Tennessee participated in the first Healing Mission of TLSLI in St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Calatrava, Romblon,  on May 18, 2012.

Expressing our Gratitude from the Lamb Association Members

Dear Friends, 

On behalf of the poor and those we serve, the Association would like to thank the hard working disciples of The Lamb. Striving to be a sacrificial love offering to God and neighbor for God’s sake, and leading by standing in the gap together with the least of Jesus’ brethren transforming the world, and making it a lamb is a difficult challenge. As in the words of Pope Francis:“The mediator gives himself to unite the parties, he gives his life. That is the price: … he pays with his life, his fatigue, his work, so many things, …..St. Paul in his Letter to the Philippians is clear on this: ‘He annihilated himself, emptied himself, and to achieve this union, [he did so] even unto death, death on a cross. That is the logic: to empty oneself, to annihilate oneself.” (Pope Francis–Catholic News. ie, December 10, 2016).